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By Randy Dahl

This website represents thoughts and facts. Something is objectively, others are subjectively!
But I can assure you that everything is honest!

You can read about most things under the individual categories, at least what I personally value in life.
My values ​​in life are honesty, integrity and respect.
Anyway, I mean that irony and sarcasm should be part of life's humor.
And humor should be part of your life, even though life often sucks.

Have you ever considered that the average life expectancy in a western civilized society with a good standard of living is about + / - 80 years for human beings.
Think of that these eighty years is just a small tenths of seconds throughout our time machine, our universe.
Think of it as we can conclude that life is short, use it well.

My past has been in many professions.
I have worked in construction work, restaurants, substance abuse and psychiatry profession.

But most of my past has been in the sport.
I worked for many years as a trainer, manager and promotor of boxing.
I was lucky enough to train athletes who have been national champions and have won medals in international championships.
I have worked with both amateur and professional fighters.

I do have a coach and sports education from the NTNU university in Trondheim / Norway.

As a journalist, I`m graduated from the HiO University of Oslo / Norway.
I have worked for several years in local TV commentary, and studio work.
For four years I worked as a commentator for Eurosport Broadcasting

I've been contributing editor for several websites since 1996.
By freelance work I have carried out jobs for TV2 Norway, P4 radio Norway and Radio1 in Norway.

Today I work with a book project and in addition, I write what you find on this web site.

My passion in life is food, travel, real estate and training.
Besides that all people should live to realize their best sides.
My life experience from ups and downs are at your disposal.

I am receptive to all work like:
- Lectures on how to turn something negative into something positive, motivation.
- Freelance work for media, both TV and radio and even written journalism.
- Personal coaching, training-diet-lifestyle-motivation.
- Consultancy services for the purchase of apartment / property in Brazil

Please contact me if you wonder something.
I will tailor a program that suits you or your business.

I live most of my time in Sweden and Brazil. But as a Norwegian citizen, I am also there at times.
I am of the opinion that the world is small, where you work is less important.

Warmest Regards

Randy Dahl



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