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Terrorist attack in Oslo in a 7 day perspective



It's been six days since Oslo and Norway was hit by the biggest terrorist attack that happened in this country. Many tragic fates, and many moving stories from survivors have been told. For us who have experienced this at a distance in Norway the last few days has created reflections and perspective.

I am a Norwegian citizen. Although I don`t live in Norway I have my family here. And I have in recent weeks sustained in Norway.
On Friday afternoon the 22nd June 2011 I stayed at my cottage outside Trondheim, about 500 kilometers north of Oslo.  The news on radio and television reported that it had been blown up a bomb in the capital, and that there was extensive damage to the government building .At this time I knew nothing about how many fatalities this senseless terrorist attack meant.

The scope of this disaster we did not know then. Nor that’s in about an hour later turned out that this was only the beginning of a tragedy that would have tremendous proportions.


That same morning, at 09 hours, some hours earlier, I was listening to the Norwegian radio.
It was a program about the Norwegians' news interest. The Norwegians were not so interested in global news.
The fact that every day are starving to death thousands of children and adults in the Horn of Africa does not take up most Norwegians attention, according to the same news.
Most people are more concerned with weather and that there has been much bad weather this summer, they said in this radio program.
In the same program, there were some Norwegians who said they were more concerned that the local football team won than if there were disasters around the world.
Interviewees stated that "it is a little too far from us" in this radio interview when asked about their relationship to global disasters.

Norway is a country rich in material goods.
The oil resources that this country is so rich of has made a personal wealth for most people. Most of them have what they are in need of to get through everyday life.
There are also people who have financial difficulty in Norway. But most people have what they need in this small country far up north.

But such wealth and freedom that most people have, maybe this has also given citizens a distance to the world's reality?
Most did not think that little Norway could be hit by disasters such as one saw Friday 22 July 2011.

That is, such was the situation before 07/22.
Today Norway has lost many good people and the reality that disaster can strike even Norway has adopted the inhabitants with brute force.
As the scope of the disaster has gone up for the citizens has also Norway in the last week changed attitude.
People show dignity, respect and concern for each other in mourning veil from the disaster of Oslo and the senseless massacre of young people at Utoya island.

Maybe this can create new attitudes and ways to communicate and take care of each other?
It's really up to each individual.

I am not directly affected by this disaster.
Yet I also felt close to.
I have friends who have close friends who are killed or missing.
Norway is a small country, everyone is in some way affected by the reality.
For me this meant that I lost an old friend in sport, he was one of the first to be shot at Utoya island.
Trond Berntsen who worked as a civilian guard on Utoya was meaningless shot and killed while his 10-year-old son witnessed.
Trond was in the 80s one of the best boxers in Norway. He was Norwegian Champion in 1989 and has a host of medals from his long sports career. A very positive person, always fearless and sympathetic no matter who he talked to.
It is seven years since I talked to Trond last time. I will always have fond memories of the contact I had with this wonderful man who never did any wrong.

Trond Berntsen's fate is just one of those so far 76 victims of the evil killer Anders Behring Breivik, the very incarnation of evil's face, who stood behind the cruel action of nonsense has robbed so many people's lives.

What the future holds nobody knows.
The grief of the people who have left us in such a brutal way will always be there.
There are mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers who have lost their near and dear forever.

Global catastrophes there also remains.
Every day there are people around the world dying due to the planet's welfare is unevenly distributed.
Every day there are people even in Norway who are hurting, people who experience injustice and condemnation for various reasons.
Perhaps the meaningless catastrophe of Oslo and Utoya island do make both Norwegians and citizens in all countries care more about their fellow man no matter where in the world this is.

Maybe not the 76 victims in Oslo and bugs lost their lives meaningless.
Maybe start people thinking about what is happening around the world.

Maybe it means not so much about the local football team loses or wins their next game?

R.I.P all victims in Oslo and Utoya island 07/22

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