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Young people growing up is unsuccessfull



We live in a society that is surrounded by experts.
If newspapers write about a case, no matter what it is about.
They must consult an expert for an explanation of the full truth and nothing less than that.

I'm fucking tired of all the experts who speak out in the media and who has the answer to how we shall succeed in our lives.
Most people have a genuine capacity to take care of themselves from birth.
However, it is human evolution that allows us at any time adapt to our own feelings and desires, but now those are about to be removed from man's natural instinct.

Today no one can make their own decisions without having read how to do things.

I read today an article on a Norwegian website about the young people of 15 years is in worse physical shape than what can be characterized as "older people".
This is not just because that older people exercise more than before and eat and live healthier, at least statistically.
This is simply a parental generation that grew up with newfeminism, coca cola and cream buns!
Parents buy the Playstations and PC `s to the children and let them be the nanny.

They can not even activating their children and give them stimuli to engage in physical activity.
There are several reasons for this.
One is that they're too preoccupied with their own careers. They do not have time!
Another is that the newfeminism generation have not been engaged in "dangerous" activities and less stealing apples from a neighbor's garden or slept in a tent on the mountain.
And this they have not done because it can be dangerous and the children can get a cold.

In newfeminism age, they have developed a gender loose society where the boundaries between boys and girls growing up have become indistinguishable.
Boys have been with girls' toys and girls with boy toys.
Parents have been more concerned with listening to the experts and what they say about raising children, than to listen to their own feelings and expertise accumulated over thousands of years of evolutionary development.

It is now we see the first tragic consequence of this when the first generation newfeminism children now themselves become parents.
Today, nobody can do anything without knowing what the experts say about this.
It's okay to listen to other people, be sensitive.
But one must be able to rely on themselves and make their own decisions, a "second opinion" might illustrate this as a verbal imagery.

I can not count on how many times I've seen expert opinions in media.
Media uses the term "expert" so much that it has lost all its weight and credibility.
Experts tell you how to wash your hands, how to prevent diarrhea on holiday trip, the flat screen TV to buy. Or what is the eternal gang of regret, how to lose weight!

I know when the fuck how to fix my life and do things without all these damn experts and what they mean.

I live in Brazil six months a year.
Here in the north-eastern Brazil are stereotypes, to say the least, somewhat old-fashioned.
So, here is the man the boss of the house and the woman's home and cook and take care of the children.
But one should not only smile of such a pattern.
It was this family pattern that was in the ground when all the currently modern technological nations evolved into what they are today.
In any case, we see happy and satisfied children and young people around who have a high degree of physical activity and that is in better physical shape than their parents and grandparents generation.

With a few exceptions, especially among the middle class and rich people, where you can see the sick society characters you have in Eruope, fat people and inactive children.

But I don`t see or hear so many experts, maybe that`s the reason?

But mainly it`s not so many experts here, in contrast to the situation in Norway and other Western countries where young people are rotting away listening to the experts until their ears falling off!



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