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What you now will read is so amazing that you most probably will not believe your eyes and ears.
But in Norway today there are people who very seriously believe that rock music is an assault and in fact has started an organization that supports, they called, the victims of rock `n roll music.
Read this amazing article.

This article is taken from the site which is the website to this supportgroup leader and initiator Ingar Holst (picture).
The article is translated from Norwegian, we therefore apologize if there are grammatical errors
Read and get yourself a good laugh, or maybe you want to cry.

"More than every second child is exposed to musical abuse in Norway.Most people are exposed to abuse by close people they trust. Musical abuse can range from being forced to listen to rock music, being exposed to others' listening or suggestions for listening, offered himself to try musical instruments used in rock music, such as electric or acoustic guitars, drums, etc., to witness that others play rock, or even compulsive accomplished rock (you get the lid / forced himself to play rock). "

It is strong meat to read the leaflet from the Support group against Rock, located in Niels Juels gate in Oslo. And there were more than Musician blade editor who opened his ears (!) When Norwegian Broadcasting an early morning in June interviewed the center's director, Ingar Holst. The center was established in February 2011, and to Musician magazine says that Holst Support the Centre and the center's treatment services are in demand.

Confidence People are predators
- We do not do outreach beyond the occasional distributions to our leaflet on Egertorv in Oslo. Yet
Support against Rock daily receive inquiries from people who want support and assistance, and referrals come from all over the country, maintains Holst.
- Those who come to us, or the caller is rock victims - consciously or unconsciously, says Holst. He says that it is both young and elderly who contact, and there have also been inquiries from people who are located in rockorganisations.
- During the students celebration in May was especially high demand, and we visited the unhappy youth, such as have electric guitar from his parents, said Holst, who argues that when it comes to rock assault is often close to trustees who are behind.
- Both parents - and especially teachers, expose children to abuse.When requests come from different parts of the country, we are helping to open contact between rock victims, so they can establish self-help groups.

Poor musicians socially accepted
- There are 2 generations now that have grown up with music composed by English poetry accompanied by electric guitars and percussion. And it is socially accepted with bad musicians in rock music. Jahn Teigen or New Jordal Swingers holds not just expertise in voice and arranging, but it's completely socially acceptable to go to a concert or own recordings of such music! If one who played just as bad guitar debuted in the Aula, for example Rodrigo Aranjuez concerto, it would be a scandal, says Holst.

Treatment with  Bach
The treatment center offering consists of the support center folds that characterize the conversations in a safe environment and help to believe in a positive future.

A young myopic girl who came here, got a blanket around her, was offered a cup of hot chocolate, so I put on some Bach, and so we talked quietly through the problems, says Holst. For the Support the Rock, one is very selective in terms of what music is best to use in connection with the processing of rock victims.
- German high baroque, and primarily, Johan Sebastian Bach, is most suitable. German, because the Italians never got the gap, says Holst.
- Bach's sons and Buxtehude can also be used, but not Handel.Handel is pure commercialism, full of phrases and without substance.He is not even a good craftsman. Bach also phrases, but as ornament with substance underneath. Mozart is brim full of phrases, but he is at least a good craftsman. But any time we use the Die Kunst der Fuge, or I put on a Gould recording of the Goldberg Variations.

On our question if there are other and more recent composers such as acceptable, expressing Ingar Holst that there are others of course.
- There are some French who are skilled, Ravel and Satie. I slaps not their music, but I understand they may have something for himself, says the leader of the Support group against Rock.


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