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What about a low carb breakfast


Some ask what to eat for breakfast when they are on a low carb diet.
It is well enough to say that imagination is what is most important tool when you want to create their low-carb breakfast.

How many times one hears people do say "what do I eat today?"
Excuse me, but I never feel the same pressure and the problem.
You can experiment with good ingredients, then it is rarely unsuccessful.

When it comes to breakfast so I ate more monotonous and boring when I ate carbs.
Then it was mostly the corn and fiber for breakfast, nothing wrong with it, except that you get an acute overdose of energy.
Almost so you can sit in a rowboat and row across the Atlantic.

My experience with low carb diet is that you have a much more steady supply of energy, blood sugar stays steady and the mood is good all day, which is good for the people you associate with.
One does not have the massive peaks, respectively, hunger and satiety, it is simply convenient.When I personally also have found that joint pain is gone, as is well everything perfect or what.

Well, we should not talk us out now.
It was today's breakfast wich was the theme.
Since I started low-carb foods that vary my meals far more than I did before.

I may one day eating boiled eggs and herring. Next day there could be scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on the plate. For as to vary with tapas platter with ham, salami, cheese, and vegetables the next. Also a good omelet is a treat in the morning.
I may one day also take a little "cheat sushi", just that I can come back to later.

However, in the last two weeks I have made it easy, fast and tasty.
I have simply made scrambled eggs with lots of goodies in.
Hmm .. let's call it scrambled surprise.

-One-half onion
-Three cloves of garlic
-A thin slice of ginger
-One chili
-Two slices of turkey ham

- Chop into small pieces of onion, garlic, ginger, chili.

- Chop into small pieces of ham, turkey.

- Whisk together the eggs and add salt and pepper.

- Fry the onion, garlic, ginger and chilli golden in a medium hot pan.

- Empty the egg mixture and stir constantly. We are talking about only a few seconds.

- When the egg mixture begins to half, empty over the ham and stir together.

You have suddenly made a lovely breakfast!

For this I choose to serve a couple cups of green tea, which is also to increase metabolism.
And as a small prize so I also serve a glass of homemade "suco", or juice if you like.
It consists of various fruits such as oranges, bananas, the Brazilian super source of acai, and natural yoghurt. Or even aqua de coco sometimes, coconut water.
Sure, I know. Fruits in general and especially the banana does not belong to a low carb diet.
But how fun is life without cheating a little bit!

Have a good day!


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