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Hard Work, big muscles


When you read this headline you will certainly think this is about strongman, or bodybuilding or something like that. But that`s not correct. It`s not about that at all.
But training, all kind of it, is good for your health.

My normal day, when I'm in Brazil, is to wake at about 06 a.m. in the morning. Then I go out and check out the water system for the garden, close it, and take a regular check on the house and garden.

Then I drink water, about half a liter, I want my bodys watersupply to be in balance from the beginning. Then I`m boiling hot water and then drink a cup of green tea while I am working with some of the sites I operate. Answering emails and things like that.

Next item on the program after about two hours work is breakfast. Then it is a healthy and tasty breakfast served LCHF course. First another half a liter of water. Then some more green tea certainly. And after I`m finished with the meal, another half a liter of water. If I finish what I was working with, then I`m walking to my Academia as it is called here, or simply just the Gym. Where we should implement today's workout.

All people should do work out, what you does does not matter. If you exercise for fifteen minutes or two hours it`s likewise. It is better to train in fifteen minutes than not at all.
But training is an investment in your own health, you produce endorphins which are the body's own natural morphine. This provides a wellness feeling that everyone should treat themselves.
If you are passive your body and head it`s not stimulated, you can simply say that the quality of life and energy is lower.
The cell system in the body being renewed by training.

What age you have does not matter.
All muscles can be developed and trained, whether you are 20 years, or 70 years, or 90 for that matter.
But the most important aspect of training is the feeling, and that, along with diet and lifestyle in general, prolong life and prevent diseases and disorders.

Thus, I was on my way to the gym. A lovely outdoor gym with a roof over. And the equipment and weights you need. Both dumbells and barbells whatever you are in need of. It`s simple, but nice.
This is a Capoeira Academia named "Academia Capoeira Boa Vontade".
Mestre, that is the person who heads it all, his name is Canelao, or Mestre Canelao which he called daily.
A pleasant and positive person who is spreading a good atmosphere around him, and who has contributed a good social life for the youngsters who train there.
I personally have very much respect for those who practice Capoeira, not just that they are amazing athletes. But implentated in being capoeristas is respect for human dignity and their surroundings.
It shows in the atmosphere of Academia Boa Vontade in Barra de Maxaranguape where I live.
You get the energy to train there.

But it was good training, we should talk about today.
As long as I have time, and I`m not on the road I train four or five days each week.
At times I can be so busy with other tasks that I can not reach the goal, but that said, a little exercise is better than no exercise.

I previously through a generation has trained martial arts, specifically boxing. I was a coach there for amateurs and proffessionals. Has also contributed boxing trainings to this academy. But recently I have not had the capacity to do so.
But I have a punching bag there, and after weight training sometimes I end up with a few rounds on the bag.

But my training week might look like this if everything is optimal.
Every day I do five to six exercises, plus the stomach and back. I do 3-4 set each exercise.
Day 1: Chest / wide back muscle
Day 2: Shoulders / Neck
Day 3: Arms
Day 4: Chest / shoulders / neck (just press exercises)
Day 5: Legs

I vary the application so that I run either two or three week cycluses.
Week 1-2-3, for example, light load. This I can either carry out regular sets and repetitions, where I conduct 10-12 repetitions.
Or I can run super set, that is where I run either two exercises in one without a break. Or working with circuit training, where I conduct exercises in a 5-6 without a break. Then it is naturally lighter weights.

In such a program it will be heavy during the weeks 4-5-6.
It conducts usual set with breaks between.
Now, efforts are being with 8-10 repetitions, at least if you want to build muscle. If you want only to build strength without to build mass, following the principle of maximum muscle strength. Thats 4-6 repetitions.
In all these forms of heavy training, efforts are being so heavily that you need help on the exercises, that means you are on the borderline of how much you can lift.

After such a heavy cycle you can feel a little bit how you are before starting a new cycle with light exercise. Either conduct a week of very light exercise, or alternatively.
Or that you take off a week's time, this one you must know a little of yourselve to decide. One learns to recognize the body after a period of training.

One important principal in this matter is to vary the training.
Both your muscles, your head, and all your body is nervous. That means if you don`t vary but do the same every day you will not get the progress you want.
Vary both the exercises and how you train.

Two or three weeks cycluses is fine. And this is not only for muscle training, all kind of training do have the same principals.

When I come home after such a session I go out on the beach and taking a nice bath in the Atlantic, followed by a shower in the garden.
You feel like a new person and have the energy to carry out new work sessions. You get creative and get refill to the brain to think creatively and positively.
After your bath, it's time for lunch, a lunch consisting of many proteins. Still it is of course LCHF that apply, nothing else.


So, then it was time for a little relaxation, followed by more work.

Life is wonderful, just feel sorry that I do not have more time to spend on training and enjoying life.
But sometimes one must sadly depart from the procedures and carry out other tasks as well. But it is surely a part of life too.

Soon, one is at home in Sweden, then there will be essentially the same procedures, but in addition there are also some long walks and jogging on the treadmill at the gym.
Walks on the beach, sometimes you take too, but the midday heat means that it is not medically acceptable in the middle of the day. It is better in that case to do it in the morning or afternoon.

Work out and enjoy your life, good exercise!

Warm hugs
/Senhor Randyalt

(Pictures: Senhor Randy)


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