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At the gym


Motivation is a key word for any human being.
It is the solution for anything you aim to do. Although sometimes it`s lacks of motivation. It is good to know that the motivation is actually present, it is just hidden.You just have to stimulate it.

After two to three weeks without any exercise, and where both food and drink have not been in line with how I live normally.
I`ve poisoned my body, with alcohol, bad food, late nights, and party.
Maybe I needed that as well?

But anyway, now it was on high time to change this and start training again.
I have actually been on holiday, traveling in Germany and drinking beer and eating carbohydrates so it almost has oozed out through my ears.

When I came home from Holland two days ago, where I also enjoyed life to the full with beer and “no”-food, I have lived healthy and not drinking beer or wine, and only eaten LCHF food.
And it will continue!

Today it was time for the next step back to the "good life", namely to start training at the gym.

It was completed one hour of strength; chest muscles - the back of the shoulder - abdominal ridge. Then it was running on the treadmill for 30 minutes.
After that finished with one-hour walk out. A total of two and a half hours.
Now, one is on the line again.

I can feel how the endorphins squirt fresh around my body, already looking forward to tomorrow's workout.
Then there will be training of the shoulder and neck, running on the treadmill, and four rounds of boxing on the bag.

So where do people pick their motivation from?
All are in need of motivation for different activities.
Motivation for the job is one thing, the motivation to remain married to your dull gray partner. Motivation to go to a party when you really want to be home and relax.
Or, as in this case, motivation to train.

When it comes to training motivation we talk about the different motivation level.
Training that will lead to medal in Olympic Games.
As a coach I have worked with athletes who have had these goals as well.

Or training simply to improve health and eternal youth.
Well, I belong to both the latter category. Not that I have a naive dream to be forever young, aging process is something we all will be obtained before or since. It begins already by age 20.
However, you can defer this process as long as possible by renewing the cells when you exercise.

In short, exercise improves your health, keep your youth longer. and give it a wellness feeling.
So there will be a new workout at the gym tomorrow, recommended!

Warm hugs
/Senhor Randy


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