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Juabiraba - the unknown source of health


Today I have been on a little trip, picking berrys.
It is absolutely true. And those who know me will hardly believe me when I say that.
But just read on then comes the explanation here.

I was invited to this berry trip by my lovely neighbours Kiki and Klaus today. That means, Kiki was the one who joined, I think Klaus is a bit wary of picking berries.
It's for that matter just the same as with me.
I never liked to go on berry trip in the nature, I have a mother who loves it. But I have not the same skills, I must admit that. I think either I'm closer to my father when it comes to just pick berries.
He's like me, likes to eat them, but do not pick them.

Okey, then we went on this berry trip today, Kiki and me.
We took my buggy and drove up to a property that her father owns, located just outside Maxaranguape, or a sitiu as we call it here. A kind of country estate with lots of fruit trees and coconut palms.
It`s located next to the river, with a beautiful view to the beach and the sea.

Maxaranguape is thus the small town where I live.
Do you know what that means?
Maxaranguape is indian language, the native american, as the native american indigenous people lived in this place in the good old days.
Translated it means "the valley of snakes" Not very reassuring when we will venture out into the bush where there are most of reptiles.
But what does one do for some extra food and the health.

It is in fact what this is about. A secret natural source that is not known to the public for its health and beneficial effect on a lot of things.

The tree called Juabiraba. It is a beautiful tree with green leaves. And its black berries that hang on the branches that temptation.
It attracts a lot of wasps, which is not a bad sign, it means that Juabibara is a berry with good qualities. Wasp is able to find good food sources where it flies around.
The male wasps it`s being born of not fertilized eggs. A quite strange nature phenomenon. Certainly they need a lot of good nutrition then.

In any case, both snakes and wasps allowed us to be left alone today so we were picking berries in peace.

Juabiraba is a berry with an extremely high content of vitamin A and antioxidants.
It has a very beneficial effect on the stomach, it keeps the stomach in balance. And if you're unlucky enough to incur a stomach infection, then this is the best possible medicine for that.
It also has a beneficial effect on arthritis and rheumatism.
And best of all, this is not a factory-made synthetic medicine. This is nature's own medicine as the Indians used in their medical treatment hundreds, even thousands of years ago.

The taste is slightly bitter. I think it resembles a mixture of currants, berries, and cranberries.
It might be well suited both to make suco, or juice. Without sugar of course. A really super health drink.
But I guess this can also be well suited as a gel, where you enjoy it as an accompaniment to your meat barbecue.

Now I will clean it and then prepare something that gives my health a lottoprize.

(Picture: Senhor Randy)

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