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Super sport weekend



Today there are two major sports events that will attract the world's attention. One of them may be over in seconds. The other one will attract attention for weeks.

Tour de France is the legendary mythical race that in recent years has been as much surrounded by scandals such as sporting highlights.

This with doping is a particular issue with two sides. Media screaming for more and better athletic performance, they require that athletes should be on top and entertain and perform over the human level.
This means that far too many athletes find shortcuts to win prestige, titles, and money.
For this is of course about money too.



Sport prestige alone is no longer sufficient for an athlete in peak form.
Also money is a big part of the motivation and the basis for being able to practice their sport at this level.
Tour de France is all about great sporting achievements!
Athletes who have a physical performance that goes far beyond our comprehension.
Yet is the media's coverage of this event every day about doping and rumors about this.
Media wallow in scandals and making money on this. Cycling achilles is a sure source of revenue for the media.

Cycling is a vicious circle.
Despite the fact that they officially reject doping, it is still scandals affecting the sport and destroys public confidence in the sport and the athletes.
Too bad for those who are clean.
In any case, today starts the Tour de France. We have 22 days ahead of us before the winner is named on the Champs Elysees on July 24.

Another sport that has a big day ahead is boxing.
Professional boxing, to be exact.
This is boxings "Formel 1" Christmas Eve, the title battle between Ukrainian heavyweight Vladimir Klitsjko and Brit David Haye.

It is important to distinguish this, amateur boxing, or "Boxing, Olympic Style", as it is called officially, is another sport in terms of how to build up the athletes.
It is a sport that has become so innocent that it appears to be boring. Therefore, it is not the media attention, and very little money and prestige involved.
For the young sports talents who want to ensure their future is not this sport to bet on.

In professional boxing, there are other criteria than just the fact that you are a skilled athlete that counts. Preferably you look good, have style and charisma, and able to express yourself well verbally.
Do you have these qualities then maybe a promotor with money and television agreement will focus on you.
But chances are not great because there are only a handful of promoters that control all the professional boxing. While the number of boxers are millions. Many are willing to die to secure a title and its future.

Very often it is not the best fighter who becomes the master, but those who have the best promotor and has an ability to stand up in the ring that sells tickets and media attention.
For this is of course also about money.

As mentioned above, cycling through many years received attention because of its doping scandals.
This has not happened in boxing in any appreciable degree.
But that it`s happening is beyond all doubt!
In boxing there, as opposed to endurance sport bike, stimulants that are key to the achievement of an inhuman high level.
Being able to receive and give beyond human ability.

Vladimir Klitsjko and David Haye is a heavyweight fight at the right time.

Heavyweight boxing has long been a big yawn, as most matches in professional boxing has become. Different promoters have managed their athletes away from the best, nor faced opponents who have given victories and thus titles.
In professional boxing, there are more losers than what we have winners!
There is a confusion and chaos of the various associations and titles in this sport.Titles have often been “on sale”!
Therefore, it has also been a consequence that the television companies were fed up of this, to televise not so interesting title matches, and therefore now require that the best fighters meet each other.
Klitsjko Vs Haye is such a struggle.
The two best heavyweights today fight each other, it is as it should be!

David Haye has done its job before the game, not just training wise.
When such a struggle to build up media attention should optimally have a "bad guy, and a" nice guy ". That's how the press would have it.
Haye has gone fully into the role as the bad guy this time.
His many initiatives have created a media storm surrounding the fight, and the TV companies and promoters rub in their money-smelling hands.

Tonight the there will be a great clash wich can be over in seconds, and lasts a maximum of an hour.
Meanwhile, the riders in the Tour de France covered a flat prologue as a ramp to three weeks of toil in the French Alps.

A great sports weekend is it anyway.

Warm hugs
/Senhor Randy


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