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Klitschko Vs Haye Live Report



There is a tremendous excitement associated with tonight's title match at heavyweight.Especially when the build-up to the fight has been so formidable as the media has created in recent weeks. David Haye has said he will turn the head of VladimirKlitscko.
Will he do it?
Follow our live report.

Ring Walk for Haye was dominated by crazy patriotic Englishmen. Can this be a problem for the WBA champions concentration?
Ringwalk for Klitschko is far more peaceful.
Will this have any meaning for the concentration of the fighters?

1. round
Both fighters start with moving and dancing, Haye sideways, Vladimir in the middle of the ring. Haye falled down in 1,45. 
Not many hits. Vladimir with some left jabs.
Klitscko 10-9

2. round
Klitschko start stressing Haye.
Getting closer.
Haye work with attacks, but to far distance and missing.
Klitschko still in the middle of the ring.
Haye is using a lot of power so early.
Good rigght hand from Klitscko in 2,40.
Klitschko 10-9

Klitschko`s coach Emanuel Steward tell him to continue pressure.
Good right hand from David after 0,50.
Haye is showing his jaw when he is attacking, dangerous.
Good combination from Vlad after 2,30.
Klitschko 10-9

it looks like Vlad have found the distance. This can be a problem for Haye.
Haye is standing out of distance, can`t hit.
Dancing sideways, but he`s still more economic in his movement, smart.
Good right from Haye 2,50.
Haye 10-9

Haye have a bodytalk without respect.
Vlad is using his left jab good, it`s a good weapon.
Very good right from Vlad 2,30, but Haye is answering.
Close round.
Klitschko 10-9

Haye doesn`t hit the distance.
He have to change the distance now_
Klitschko 10-9

7. round
The same boxing.
Vlad gets a warning for pushing David down.
Not so much happening.
Klitsckho 10-9 (9-9)

Haye shows good endurance. Dancing a lot, but doesn`t find the distance. He should be working a lot more to the body.
Vlad having control in the middle and using his left jab.
David have to knock him out to get the title.
Klitschko 10-9

Good right from David after 0,30.
Vlad keeping distance.
Vlad missing a big right in 1,15.
Haye seems a little desperate, he knows the situation.
Speedy right hand of Vlad in the 2,45.
Perfect tactic of Vlad.
Klitschko 10-9

None of the fighters is tired. Good shape.
Vlad have a remarkable movement that neutralize Haye. Take just one step back and counter every time David is attacking.
It looks like that Haye coming a little bit closer in the end of the round.
Vlad hit with a good right in 2,50.
Klitschko 10-9

Champions distance.
Haye down and get a count to 8 after 0,40, not correct! He`s falling.
Haye is attacking desperately, but that is what he have to do right now.
Klitschko 10-9

Final round.
This is going Vlads way.
He just have to control it now the last one.
Very good right that is shaking Vlad after 1,50.
Good last round.
Vlad with a very hard left in the 1,30.
The fighters are standing closer in the last round.
Klitscko 10-9 scorecard: Klitschko 119 - Haye 109

Official scorecard:

Unanimous Champion Vladimir Klitschko wich won his 4th belt tonight.

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