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Update analyse Klitschko Vs Haye



Here is our analysis of yesterday's heavyweight battle between Vladimir Klitschko and David Haye.

David Haye tried, but the reigning champion Vladimir Klitschko did what he needed to keep his three belts, and expand the collection with Hayes WBA belt.

Now, only WBC belt is missing, and it's brother Vitali. And the fight will be, according to the brothers Klitschko, never materialized.
The story goes that the two Ukrainians have promised their mother many years ago never to fight each other.

The match started hesitant, Klitschko took the middle of the ring, Haye danced sideways around.
Moving is good, but as long as the movement makes you move outside their own battle field, and the outer edge of the reach of the long arms of the Klitschko, so it is not on their own terms.

Therefore Vladimir Klitschko could use his left jab and it makes the opponent never really could get started. Sidemoves and occasional attack where you turn a hole in the air is not enough to win belts in boxing.

Haye was missing in this game the ability to short on the distance to the opponent.
In addition, Klitschko is capable to neutralize the attacks from the opponent. He takes just half a step back and turn counter with his left. Follows the opponent further, he follows up with his right, moving to the side. If the opponent comes too close, he is adept at locking him up.

What is the problem of Haye in this fight is that he attacks only straight ahead. He is not able to attack from the side. The use lateral counter-attack is a requirement if to meet a boxer like Vladimir Klitschko, who is very skilled to get any game to evolve tactical wherever he wants.
This combined with both diagonal movements as traditional movement pattern.

Also, to use the double attack, combined with a feint, can be a good weapon against a boxer like Vladimir Klitschko.
This requires that you train it in advance, this had not Haye made according to what one might see in the ring.
To meet Klitschko in the ring makes no surprises. His boxing is very predictable. It is therefore strange that Haye has not prepared tactically better than what he had done.
Being quick and explosive is not enough itself. It takes a little more against an opponent on Klitschko level.

Media has created a myth that Vladimir Klitschko boxes boring.
This is completely wrong!
For those who can boxing, and the ability to see his boxing in perspective with the past few decades, this is a technical and tactical boxing at a high level.
Also professional boxing progresses, you develop technical and tactical skills you could not see 60, 70, and 80's.
In addition, the pace and impact are higher, there is greater demand for physical conditions.
In short, Vladimir Klitschko is a modern boxer who practice his sport at a high level and who entertains through his attitude and performance in the ring.
Honestly, without anything extra.

The fact that David Haye after the fight was writing on his Twitter profile that he has problems with a toe, you have to put in the account for momentary disappointment after the loss. It`s understandable. But maybe not so smart after his build up before the fight with big words about how he would threat Vladimir. But this is also a part of this game.


However, what is worrying is some Englishmen and their attack against their own countryman after the match.
They have travelled to Germany to support their compatriot, when he`s losing to a boxer of Vladimir Klitschkos calibre it can hardly be any big surprise.
Yet they manage to be primitive unsportsmanlike and comes with hateful attacks on Haye.
These audiences should be kept at home in England.

Haye have a rematch set forth in the contract he wrote after the game in Facebook.
Such a rematch could certainly be of great interest as well as the public media.
It was a good boxing match that was recorded in a high tempo of two well-trained athletes.

Vladimir Klitscko is now 35 years old. It means that he begins to see the end of his amazing career.
However, Vlad have not received many hard hits he is characterized by. He has an economical box style with a very well-developed defense. He may therefore have several good years ahead of him in the boxing ring if the motivation and hunger to perform is present.

When the waves after this fight has come down, the media pressure in all likelihood will make it a new fight against Haye within autumn 2012.


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