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R.I.P. Joe Frazier


Some people put huge mark on the consciousness of other people than others. One of these is "Smokin 'Joe Frazier who sadly left  this world  on Monday 67 years old.


My first memory of Joe Frazier is from a member's meeting in the local boxing club in the spring of 1971. The evening's highlight was a video of that simply have been down in history as "The Fight" - The dramatic encounter between the reigning WBA and WBC champ, and the Olympic champion from 1964, Joe Frazier and challenger Muhammad Ali.
Arena was the legendary Madison Square Garden in New York and the fight was a tremendous impression of emotions via a small black and white flickering TV screen for a little toddler who had just begun his early boxing career.

"Smokin" Joe Frazier won this battle, and was the first who defeated the legendary Muhammad Ali.
Later, they met two more times, where Ali was left standing as the winner in the ring.
There is something in boxing language called that you can not be great without having met one of those greatest.
Joe Frazier met all the others who were great in what history calls the heavyweight boxing applying the great era, the first half of 1970`s.
The only two he lost to was Muhammad Ali and George Foreman!
Joe Frazier will forever be one of the greatest in boxing history!

When to recapitulate "Smokin Joe's" career in a few lines one can not avoid going back to 1975 and what has been standing as one of boxing history's toughest battles, namely "The thrilla in Manilla."
The amazing showdown between Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali.

It is not all that know Joe was partially blind in his left eye throughout his career.
During the fight in Manila was also his right eye closed by swelling of blood after the blows from Ali.
In the break after 14 round was Joe refused to go into the ring to the 15 and the last round of his trainer Eddie Futch.
The story also tells us that Muhammad Ali was close to giving up in the same break. He came to his corner and told his second to take off his gloves, which they refused.
Ali was later telling that he has never been so close to dying!

Joe Frazier told his trainer Futch to continue, "I Want Him boss," pleaded Frazier, courage personified.
Futch replied, "It's all over. No one Will forget what you did here today," and called off the bout.

For someone who dreamed of becoming a professional boxer and grew up in the 1970`s, Joe Frazier was a monument. I must admit that my personal favorite on the purely sporting was Muhammad Ali. Yet had not Ali had the position he has today without the amazing battles against Joe Frazier.

Memories of the flickering black and white screen that spring day in 1971 will forever be stuck in the mind as the day for the first time saw the way of one of history's greatest boxers, Joe Frazier!

Joe Frazier was born in january 1944 as a son of a sharecroppers.
He grew up in poverty but fought his way out of poverty by means of will and courage.
It was liver cancer that ended the Champs last and most dramatic battle that he ultimately unfortunately lost.

Today, our thoughts goes to the family of Joe Frazier and to his close friends.
Thank you for what you were "Smokin 'Joe Frazier!

Peace of your memory!

/Senhor Randy


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