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Along the road up to the roots



Then I`m back in Norway, my immediate family, and to a weather clima not particularly pleasant. Along the road that leads back you can see how nature and the weather change as you get further and further north.
But the people are the same as they always have been, nice.

The picture above is shot yesterday evening in Eastern Valley just before Alvdal by the highway 3.
After one day and night in Oslo where I met a couple of old friends, spent a nice evening out with a dinner and some good to drink I started the 500 km up north by the highway.

It was almost shocking to find that the thermometer showed 18 degrees when I arrived Trondheim last night.
the sun peeked out of the sky all night, fantastic midsummer!
Just a shame it is so rare that the weather is like this when you are in Trondheim.

It's always nice to greet the family, the roots, there is something called. The roots tear is not uprooted. They are there forever.
As long as I have my very closest family in Trondheim, I always have my roots there. Even when I know I never want to live in this city anymore.

To eat
my breakfast with my mother in the house with the large garden just outside Trondheim. Talk about everyday things, and friends, and family feels good when it's been a while since you've been here.

mother is old, but she is fit to be at her age. She swims 1,000 meters two times a week and do gymnastics every day.
Yes, even young people in their prime would have trouble following her.
She works in the garden for hours every day. And I nag at her that she must sell the big house with large garden and buy an apartment instead.
She scoffs when I say it and gets annoyed at me.
I think our family is particularly strong in the genes themselves. It can be seen on my uncles and aunts. Also, my deceased grandparents reached an old age and had some tough tests throughout life.
Could it be an indication that you yourself will reach an advanced age maybe?

Tomorrow I go up to my cabin near Trondheim, on Jonsvannet. The city's source of clean drinking water.
There are also roots firmly planted, a paradise that will forever remain there untouched.

These roots will remain there forever even though the climate is inhospitable.

Warm hugs
/Senhor Randy

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