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My secret paradise


Everyone has secrets. So I too. My secret, I will not tell where is. But it is a paradise is beyond all doubt.


Being close to nature, to experience the silence, to listen to the silence is something everyone should do now and then.The contrasts between city life and sounds of nature is both dramatic and gives food for thought.

The people who believe they have found paradise in a city with lots of sounds, without having experienced nature's powerful forces, and the peace does not know what they are talking about.

One can also say the opposite. That people who have not experienced the dramatic sound, has missed something, and should certainly experience it before they certainly exalts life in nature as the best of everything.

We humans are different. Some will have one, and some want something else. That is what creates interesting characters and allows us together build a society with different aspects and qualities.

However, one can conclude that there probably are more people on the planet who has experienced city life without having experienced the nature of the right. Therefore, one can for the most likely means that more urbanites who ought to experience nature than that it is the opposite.
The reason is that most of the planet's inhabitants live in or near cities.

Although I am what may be characterized as a city dwellers who have had close ties to nature and visiting it frequently.
I have the good personal side that I am never bored, if I have a nice day out on the town, or in the tranquility of nature does not matter. I can see the beauty in both and can rejoice in small and big things in both contexts.

When we are close to what I will tell you about today.
My secret!
Thus, I have a cabin in Norway.
It`s a primitive one, not a luxury castle, actually the opposite.
It is located at a large lake called Jonsvannet (translated; Jonswater), which is the drinking water source to the third largest norwegian city, Trondheim. Very clean and beautiful.
Some further address you will not get.
But the locals call this particular place for "Oladalen" (translated: Ola Alley), which no one knows where is. Only those who live or have a cabin right there.
If you ask those who live 1 kilometer from there, so they do not know where it is. That locally is the name.
The funny thing for me personally is that my old grandfather, who was a great personality, was the origin of this name.
His name was Ole, but in everyday speech, he was called Ola, hence Olavalley or Ola Valley. The we have Oladalen.
Understand? Alltight..

The cabin is right for itselves at the end of a path. You can go naked there and let the wind erase the body without that other people are shy.
It has a fantastic view of Jonsvannet, and around there is forest and more forest.
One can go for days at inland forest and the small hills that stretch from 500 to 600 meters above sea level. No mountains, just a mighty forest and the sounds we experience there.

It is an amazing wildlife there. You experience wild animals, bears, wolves, lynx, fox, rabbit, moose, and all sorts of birds. Both small and large.

The climate is very changeable in this part of Norway. One moment it can be sunny and warm, so in the next rainy and cool.
In winter you can fall asleep to the snow covers everything and wake up to snowcaos next morning, the snow is above the windows and you have to wade in the snow to the chest over to the parking some five hundred meters away and dig out the car.
It is not uncommon.
But now it's summer, or Arctic summer. Therefore, one will hardly find such dramatic changes in scenery and weather.

Here I will stay for a month now.
Only surrounded by wild nature and wild sounds. Sitting on the terrace in the evening with a glass of wine, listen to the silence and sounds of wild animals.
Light up the fireplace and enjoy the warmth of the wood that is spreading around the cabin.

But I will not only drink wine and philosophize. I will work as well.
I'll paint the house and do other maintenance work.

And if it will be too quiet for me so I can go to the city with its noise and people.
It is the contrasts that give perspective.
Everyone should experience that.

Warm hugs
/Senhor Randy

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