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Germany part 5: Visiting Adolfs cottage


Who does not dream of having a cabin on a mountain top. Some people realize it, others get it in fifty years anniversy present.



Adolf Hitler's 50th birthdays was in 1939. He celebrated it by starting World War II, but before that he got his fifty years birthday present a few may be granted. He received what is called for Kehlstein, or the name it is most known for, Eagle's Nest in Berchtesgaden in Bayern in South Germany.
Martin Bormann, Hitler's good friend, and he who devised the solution to the "Jewish problem" was the one who was behind the megalomaniacal gift.

3 500 workers worked in 7.3 million man-hours, or 18 months with this incredible construction project, with a mountain road that winds its way steeply up the hillside and offers fantastic views.
During the construction period, which ended in 1938, 10 workers was killed in accidents.But what does that mean as long as "Der Fuhrer" was satisfied?

During the construction period, Martin Bormann brought in several bus loads with prostitutes from France and Italy to entertain the weary workers.
It's just like you cracked thin air fucking or what?

When you arrive at what is now the parking lot below Kehlstein, you first walks through an long tunnel, then you take an elevator up 180 meters through the mountain.
Not an ordinary boring elevator, but a gold-plated elevator from floor to ceiling.
Should it be quality, so be it!

When it comes out of it is a breathtaking view facing one.
It can be seen 200 km in all directions.
The athmosphere of history is certainly present.
It is said that Adolf did not visit eagle's nest as often.
Talk about being ungrateful towards his friend Martin!

I've always dreamed about visiting this historic breathtaking site.
When I realized it so it feels good.
It was as wonderful as I had expected.

However, if you ever want to pay a visit here. Expect queues and tourists from all corners of the world.
I was sandwiched between a loud quarreling couple from Greece, they did not seem to care either about me or the other in the crowded gold lift.
What they was fighting about I don`t know, maybe the financial situation in Greece.
There is also a restaurant at the top, such as on most tourist destinations, sweaty breathless crew that will dispatch as many as possible in the shortest possible time.
But the view outweigh the disadvantages.

But now I've been there, it's like when most people visit a tourist destination, once is good, but you won`t see it again probably.

Thank you for visiting Adolf!

On a good journey you need good company, thanks a lot!

Warm hugs
/Senhor Randy


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